Bridge the Gap Campaign

Invest in Waterford today!

On May 13, 2021, we launched a fundraising campaign for the purchase and installation of a bridge to complete Waterford’s Shadow Lake Trail loop.


East gap currently


East gap with the addition of a new bridge

Help us Bridge the Gap!

We’re asking users and supporters of the Waterford trail system; that’s you, your friends and family,
as well as local businesses, to make a donation towards a new pedestrian/cycling/fishing bridge across what is known as, the “East Gap.”

The new bridge will create:

  • a complete loop along the banks of Shadow Lake
  • a longer trail for walking, biking and running
  • scenery for our community to enjoy
  • a fully accessible experience for all users of the Shadow Lake Trail

We have already collected over $22,000!

Many thanks are extended to those who have or who will give generously to this campaign. Let’s get together and do something great for our community.

Donate Now Through!

About your donation

  • All donations over $20.00 are tax-deductible.
  • Electronic donations will issue a tax receipt at the time of the donation.
  • Tax receipts for cash and cheque donations will be issued upon request.
  • Waterford Trails and Ponds is a volunteer organization that maintains and makes improvements to the trail system in Waterford. Your entire donation will go directly towards this work.

Waterford’s rail history

During the golden age of rail in the first decades of the 20th century, Waterford was the junction point of three railroads. An intricate intersection of switches and track alignments allowed trains to transfer from one rail line to another to head in a different direction. Trains could even be turned around to travel the opposite direction on the same line.

Viewed from the north, the intersection appears as a “Y” shape with bridges on both arms spanning the Waterford Ponds. These bridges were removed in the 1990s when the rail beds were dismantled.

The “East Gap” as it became known, requires a bridge to complete the Shadow Lake Trail loop.

Y intersection

Above: a steam train approaches from the north heading towards the “East Gap” bridge to the right of the photograph. Note the lack of vegetation between the arms of the “Y” in this undated photograph.

Steam train crossing east bridge in Waterford

Above: a steam train crosses the “East Gap” bridge in this undated photograph. Note how the vegetation has changed.

Map of historic Waterford rail lines

Above: this undated hand-drawn depiction of the Waterford junction shows the location and number of tracks and sidings, structures and some geographic features. Note: North is to the right.